Social Responsibility

We can never take our performance for granted. Each day, we must safely operate all of our assets at capacity and continue to identify those resources we will leave to the next generation AlbChrome leaders. We are committed to the health and safety of our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate. The long-term nature of our operations allow us to establish long lasting relationships with local communities where we work together to make a positive contribution to the lives of people who live near our operations and to society more generally. Our ability to grow our organization safely and in an environmentally responsible way is essential.


We contributed for our miners for end of the year season. In the holiday season the miners of AlbChrome have had a pleasant surprise. In all facilities where this company operates, the employees were presented with gift packages which are distributed under the auspices of Mr. Samir Mane and are part of the contribution, attention and special care of the Group to its employees. In this context, in a festive environment, on different celebrations in their working environments, about 1100 workers from Bulqiza Mine, Burrel Ferrochrome Factory, Traverbank Factory in Klos and Elbasan Processing Factory were presented with gifts for their children and food packages, in recognition of the work and results achieved during 2017, and to make possible a festive year-end for them and their families.

We supported “Za Festival”. We believe that business growth must be accompanied in parallel with the development and cultural growth of the community where it operates; therefore we are always on the side of those real artists who, through their work, enrich the culture of this country and increase its values. We are close to them by supporting with our contribution and encouraging them for furthermore.


We offered scholarships for three students from the town of Bulqiza, who continue studies at the Faculty of Mining Geology.

AlbChrome started funding the vocational high school in Elbasan.

We enabled the Informatics Cabinet for 700 High school students of "Asllan Keta" school, in Fushë Bulqizë.


We financed the construction of the Informatics laboratory for about 350 students of the high school "28 Nëntori" in Burrel.

We continued to financially support the two Vocational High Schools in Elbasan and Bulqiza, taking care to provide these educational institutions with material basis, as well as providing a part of the salaries of the academic staff. Dozens of students from these schools attend professional internships every year at the Chrome Mine in Bulqiza or at the Ferrochrome Plant in Elbasan, and are employed by AlbChrome after completing their studies as electricians or secondary technicians.

We donated a fund of 10,000 Euros by preparing personalized gifts for 70 students of the school "Xhevdet Doda" in Bulqiza.

We came to the aid with material basis Kindergarten no. 2 of Burrel, contributing to improving conditions for the 35 babies who grow up there.

We enabled the creation of development space in the school "Alush Lleshanaku" in Elbasan, as a new model of integrated services within the school. The donation enabled the creation of this developmental space, which serves over 380 students through integrated psychosocial, developmental, therapeutic services for the development of children, especially those with special needs.

We financially supported the social program "Tungjatjeta" from World Vision, through which 8 children with disabilities in Bulqiza received specialized services at home.

Balfin Group, through Mane TCI, Neptun Abania, AlbChrome and Tirana Bank, built and fully furnished three new homes for three families in extreme poverty.

We contributed to the improvement of the heating of Bulqiza Hospital.

Every year we donate 3 full scholarships with a total value of 10,000 euros, for students from the city of Bulqiza, who continue their studies at the Faculty of Geology and Mining in Tirana.

We contributed with a value of 100,000 euros to families affected by the earthquake of November 26, 2019 in Albania.


Throughout 2020, we have been part of BALFIN Group contribution of approximately EUR 1 million in supporting a large number of social investments commitments, marking a valuable impact in various sectors such as education, health, environment, children, emergencies’ responses, etc.

We continued providing financial support for the two Vocational High Schools in Elbasan and Bulqiza, supplying these educational institutions with the needed material basis, as well as providing part of the salaries of the academic staff. Every year, dozens of students from these schools take internships at the Chrome Mine in Bulqiza or at the Ferrochrome Plant in Elbasan and are, upon completing their studies as electricians or secondary technicians, hired by AlbChrome.

We provided financial support to the World Vision’s Program “Tungjatjeta”, whence 8 children with disabilities from Bulqizë received specialised at-home treatment.

We provided material basis for 60 children frequenting Nursery No. 2 in Bulqizë, contributing thus to its full furnishing.

AlbChrome and Fashion Group Albania wished children of mine workers for the new academic year start through tailor-made presents, conveying the importance and promoting the achievement of high-quality learning outcomes.

During December, we provided gifts for 93 orphaned children form Bulqizë, conveying the message ‘No one is alone’.

We are the main sponsor of the Bulqiza football stadium construction, in cooperation with Albanian Football Association. Thanks to this support, the city of Buqliza will have for the first time ever such a stadium.

Caring for our Community

We are committed to work closely with local communities and treat them as a real partner. AlbChrome acknowledges the importance of playing an active and positive role in the local community.

We are committed to making a positive contribution to society

We believe that in addition to operating a responsible and ethical business, we can make a broader contribution to the communities in which we operate, thereby strengthening society. We are committed to achieving this through engagement and advocacy on important issues and by supporting targeted development areas to benefit the communities where we operate. By strengthening and building more resilient societies, we are helping create a sustainable future.

Our approach to community investment

We want our community investments to be effective and deliver the best possible outcomes for communities. The projects we support are driven by the needs and resources of our local communities, with thorough consultation, research and planning. Our investments are made locally and through our employees who donate their time and money to community causes with support from our Human Resources Department.

Economic development

We aim to create economic and social benefits for the communities in which we operate. A thriving local economy offers people the ability to contribute to and benefit from opportunities in the region.

Education and training

We believe education is one of the most effective ways of empowering society and we promote life-long learning. We support yearly education programs; work with governments to improve access to quality education and offer mentoring and scholarship programs to our staff children’s.


The health and wellbeing of a community is fundamental - healthy communities are productive communities. Our community investments aim to strengthen systems and increase access to health services, including in rural and remote areas, to help provide the medical care needed in our local communities.