Our Structure

AlbChrome Ltd, is a private company registered by, on account of Tirana’s General Court in Albania, and which, by means of a Concessionary Agreement of ROT and BOT character, has owned under its administration several important assets of heavy industry (mainly mineralization and metallurgy components) in Albania.

AlbChrome is split in four large business units apart from the Head Quarters of the company. The headquarters are located in the capital of Albania, Tirana.

AlbChrome biggest business unit is the Chrome Mine of Bulqiza, located in the city of Bulqiza, part of the Dibra district, some 45 kilometers away from Tirana.

The Ferrochrome plant of Elbasan is located in the city of Elbasan, only 30 kilometers away from Tirana.

The Ferrochrome plant of Burrel, located in the city of Burrel, 30 km away from Tirana.

The Enrichment Plant of Klos is located in the town of Klos, between the city of Bulqiza and Burrel.

The Vllahna Mining Company, that includes Vlahna source and the Chrome Enrichment Factory, in Perollaj, Kukes District.

Our company is structured in a way that is focused on building functional expertise and where our people are the most valuable asset.


 Company Leadership

Who we are

AlbChrome shpk is the largest chrome ore and ferrochrome producer in Albania and one of gest mineral company in South East Europe.

Company profile

AlbChrome is a leading company in the region in the mining industry, the largest chrome ore and ferrochrome producer in Albania which was entitled a concessionary contract from

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Mission, Vision & Values

Our purpose is to revitalize the mining industry of Albania, to create long-term value and enhance our capital through the discovery, investment, development and extraction of mine reserves

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Our History

Albchrome shpk, was first founded in the beginning of 1991, when, with the fall of communist regime, the path for private business and professional development of Industry in Albania

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Awards & Recognitions

The position of AlbChrome in the highest price segment within Ferrochrome industry is remarkable and confirms once again AlbChrome’s full focus on enhancing product quality

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